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Lixouri & Lepeda Beach

Looking across the Gulf of Argostoli to the Agia Dinati mountains

Date: 6h May 2009
Distance: 3.5 miles
Ascent: none
Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
With: Mum, Lisa and Rhiannon

Walk Summary:
A ferry ride from Argostoli to Lixouri preceded a simple 3.5 mile there and back walk to Lepeda Beach.

Route Summary: A there and back walk along a quiet coastal road from Lixouri to Lepeda Beach.

Photos: Click on the photos below to enlarge.

The Lixouri Ferry arrives at Argostoli
Sailing past the St Theodora Lighthouse
Looking back to a distant Mount Aenos
Lepeda Beach
Looking across the Gulf of Argostoli to the Agia Dinati mountains
With Rhiannon at Lepeda Beach
My mum on the roadside on the way back to Lixouri
Flower filled meadows, sea and mountains
Mum, Lisa and Rhiannon in the main square of Lixouri
Looking back at Lixouri from the ferry

Walk Detail: Lixouri is the second largest, though still modestly sized, town on Kefalonia but stands some way apart from the main island on its own peninsula. This short walk, taken from the promisingly titled book 'Walk & Eat - Kefalonia' was a very simple walk from Lixouri down a quiet coastal road to Lepeda Beach and back again.

Firstly, we needed to get to Lixouri and this was partly one of the reasons why I picked the walk out of the book, it gave us an excuse to take the ferry from Argostoli across the Gulf of Argostoli to Lixouri. It was a nice little journey with good views of the Fanari peninsula we'd walked round a couple of days before as well as some great views of the mountains of Kefalonia.

Upon arrival we didn't hang around Lixouri but set off straight along the promenade to eventually leave the town behind and continue along a peaceful road to Lepeda Beach. The road verges and surrounding fields were covered in wild flowers and made a lovely foreground view to the sea and Agia Dinati mountains beyond.

Lepeda Beach was a pleasant little beach of reddish sand and rock pools. Perhaps it was because it was just the start of the season or perhaps it is always quiet but we had it all to ourselves. Rhiannon who was not yet two years old particularly liked it and I'll never forget her rolling around in the sand exclaiming, "My beach!!".

We'd set off fairly early to avoid the hottest part of the day so as the temperature began to warm up we retraced our steps to Lixouri where we had a little walk around before settling down for a drink at one of the cafes overlooking Lixouri's lovely main square. It was then a simple case of catching the ferry back to Argostoli.

Judged purely as a walk this was nothing special but including the ferry ride and the chance to visit Lixouri it was an excellent family day out.

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