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Isle of Man Walks

North Barrule

Clagh Ouyr North Top

Date: 6th October 2011
Distance: 6.4 miles
Ascent: 1066 feet
Time: 2 hours 45 mins
With: Lisa and Rhiannon
Start Grid Ref: SC406885

Walk Summary:
A walk along the fine North Barrule ridge which was spoilt somewhat by deteriorating weather and poor visibility.

Route Summary: Black Hut - Clagh Ouyr - Clagh Ouyr North Top - North Barrule - A18 - Mountain Box - Black Hut


1. Clagh Ouyr

Clagh Ouyr

2. Slieau Lhean

Slieau Lhean

3. Looking along the Cornaa valley

Looking along the Cornaa valley

4. The north top of Clagh Ouyr

The north top of Clagh Ouyr

5. Looking north along the coast to Ramsey

Looking north along the coast to Ramsey

6. North Barrule

North Barrule

7. Lisa and Rhiannon taking a break

Lisa and Rhiannon taking a break

8. Looking down to Glen Auldyn

Looking down to Glen Auldyn

Walk Detail: What should have been a beautiful walk for the 3 of us turned into an unpleasant day out. It was windy and Snaefell was in the cloud but there were bright patches when we started. We got Rhiannon well wrapped up and thought she would be fine.

The strength of the wind on Clagh Ouyr should probably have deterred us from going forward but onwards we pressed but before we had got to the North Top it was clear Rhiannon was not happy either with the wind or the way she was sat in the backpack.

We skirted round one minor top to keep out of the wind before I, rather selfishly it has to be said, left Lisa and Rhiannon sheltered from the wind, to have a snack while I ran up to the top of North Barrule. It was a fairly pointless effort in terms of the views, despite a brief glimpse up the coast to Ramsey, but I felt I had to bag it.

The plan had been to descend into the Cornaa Valley where we could take a path back to Black Hut but because of the poor weather I thought it would be quicker to descend to the A18 and walk back along the road. We had barely made it to the road when the rain started to fall and the cloud dropped further. Funnily enough as the weather deteriorated Rhiannon fell asleep in the backpack while we trudged up the road for what seemed like for ever.

By the time we reached Mountain Box the cloud was so bad that visibility was virtually zero so I once again left Lisa and Rhiannon behind the shelter of the building and pressed on to fetch the car. After about 20 mins determined walking and occasionally having to get off the road quickly to avoid passing cars I made it back to Black Hut got the car and went back for my girls. It was a fairly bad day out and a lesson to me that what I, and possibly Lisa, would find acceptable walking weather certainly wassn’t for Rhiannon at her age.

In better weather North Barrule would have been a stunning viewpoint for the north of the island and if I was to go back to the Isle of Man I would like to do this walk again.

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