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North York Moors Walks

Cringle Moor & Cold Moor

The top of Carlton Moor

Date: 4th February 2006
Distance: 8 miles
Ascent: 1440 feet
Time: 4 hours 45 minutes
With: Lisa
Start Grid Ref: NZ523030

Walk Summary:
An excellent walk, despite the foggy start, on the Cleveland Hills including Cringle Moor, Carlton Bank and Cold Moor.

Route Summary: Carlton Bank - Cringle Moor - Cold Moor - Three Howes - Stone Intake - Mill Lane - Barker's Crags - Brian's Pond - Carlton Moor - Carlton Bank


1. The hill fog made the view indicator fairly redundant

The hill fog made the view indicator fairly redundant

2. On Drake Howe

On Drake Howe

3. A cloven rock on Cringle Moor

A cloven rock on Cringle Moor

4. Looking back at Cringle Moor from Cold Moor

Looking back at Cringle Moor from Cold Moor

5. Lisa by one of the cairns on Cold Moor

Lisa by one of the cairns on Cold Moor

6. Barker's Crags

Barker's Crags

7. The path on to Carlton Moor

The path on to Carlton Moor

8. Brian's Pond

Brian's Pond

9. A glider takes off on Carlton Moor

A glider takes off on Carlton Moor

10. The summit of Carlton Moor

The summit of Carlton Moor

11. Raisdale


Walk Detail: Cringle Moor, Cold Moor and Carlton Moor form part of the Cleveland Hills and are some of the more shapely hills in the North York Moors. They had been on my ‘to do’ list for over a year and when the weather was forecast for a sunny day I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to head back that way for the first time since the slightly disappointing Roppa Edge walk.

Unfortunately we arrived to find the weather anything but what was forecast and by the time we reached Cringle End in worsening low cloud my spirits were fairly low. Fortunately though it began to pick up shortly after visiting Drakes Howe, the summit of Cringle Moor.

Both the drop down from Cringle Moor and the climb up to Cold Moor were relatively steep for the area. Cold Moor had a good view of Hasty Bank as well as a decent north / south moorland ridge that took us over two lower tops, the last of which had a number of tumuli.

As we dropped down into Raisdale from Cold Moor the sky started to brighten and finally we saw some blue sky. The route from Cold Moor to Carlton Moor was the dullest part of the walk especially the enclosed Mill Lane which was exceptionally muddy.

Once back on to the moor things began to improve again and from Barker’s Crags we had a nice view down into Scugdale. A little further along Brian’s Pond was a rare body of water on the moors. Around this section of the walk we also came across some of that really clay like mud that continues to build up on your boots.

On the way to the top of Carlton Moor we stopped and watched some of the gliders taking off. One of the pilots even offered to take me up for a ride. I politely declined though I half regret now not giving it a go.

The top of Carlton Moor, with it trig point and boundary stone very close to the northern edge was a fine top and we sat in the heather near the trig point enjoying our tomato soup and sausage. A near disaster occurred when I failed to set my tripod up correctly on the trig point whilst trying to get a photo of us together. It took a tumble and the camera landed on some rocks resulting in a slight crack to the viewfinder. Fortunately that was the only problem and the camera gave me good service for another year.

Despite the foggy start, muddy middle and camera incident at the finish this was a fine walk.

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