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South Pennine Walks

Hollingworth Lake

Hollingworth Lake from Benny Hill

Date: 31st Aug 2009
Distance: 4 miles
Ascent: 493 feet
Time: 3 hours
With: Lisa and Rhiannon
Start Grid Ref: SD941150

Walk Summary:
A short circuit of Hollingworth Lake with my family on a late summer's day.

Route Summary: Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre - Whittaker - Syke - Rakewood - Hollingworth Lake - Hollingworth - Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre


1. Me and Rhiannon

2. Hollingworth Lake from Whitaker

3.Hollingworth Lake from Benny Hill

4.On the shore of Hollingworth Lake

5.Hollingworth Lake backed by Blackstone Edge

6.The Rakewood viaduct on the M62

Walk Detail: This was a rare low level walk which was actually a leg stretcher on the way back from a weekend away in Shropshire. The stop proved to be timely as Rhiannon was starting to get bored of being in the car just as we pulled off the M62.

The initial stage of the walk visiting some of the small settlements to the east of the lake and though this section provided some nice views of the lake there was not too much else of interest. However one pasture was particularly memorable as two rather large horses got quite curious and poor Rhiannon turned her head in the backpack to find a horse's face inches from her own. Needless to say she wasn't happy and I have to admit I don't like to get that close either.

Enjoyment of the walk really began when we got to the lake proper and stopped for a picnic on a nice little beach. I showed Rhiannon how to throw stones into the water which she really enjoyed. Quite surprisingly she then walked from the picnic spot all the way to Hollingworth. Much of the way we played hide and seek which seemed to distract her nicely from the fact that she wasn't being carried.

In Hollingworth we bought some ice creams just in time to take cover from a torrential but brief downpour. The subsequent state Rhiannon got in to with her ice cream was hilarious and how I stayed clean carrying her in the back pack is a miracle.

While this proved to be an extended stop it definitely beat going to the motorway services.

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