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Yorkshire Dales Walks

Crookrise Crag

On Crookrise Crag

Date: 2nd Oct 2011
Distance: 6.1 miles
Ascent: 1340 feet
Time: 3 hours 40 mins
With: Emma
Start Grid Ref: SD998544

Walk Summary:
A pleasant ramble on Embsay Moor visiting the gritstone outcrops of Crookrise Crag, the Rylstone Cross and Deer Gallows.

Route Summary: Embsay Reservoir - Crookrise Crag - Waterfall Gill - Rylstone Cross - East Harts Hill - Deer Gallows - Embsay Reservoir


1. Embsay Crag and Embsay Reservoir

Embsay Crag and Embsay Reservoir

2. On one of the outcrops of Crookrise Crag

On one of the outcrops of Crookrise Crag

3. Pretending to 'leap frog' the trig on Crookrise Crag

Pretending to 'leap frog' the trig on Crookrise Crag

4. The waterfall in Waterfall Gill

The waterfall in Waterfall Gill

5. Emma stood by the Rylstone Cross

Emma stood by the Rylstone Cross

6. The rocks of Deer Gallows


7. Emma on Deer Gallows

Emma on Deer Gallows

8. Embsay Crag from Deer Gallows

Embsay Crag from Deer Gallows

9. A red grouse

A red grouse

10. Embsay Reservoir

Embsay Reservoir

Walk Detail: While it is common for me to go out walking on my own it is always nice to have at least one companion on a walk with whom to share the experience. I particularly enjoy those rare opportunities to take someone out who wouldn't normally go walking, or at least not in this part of the country.

On this walk I was joined by an old friend, Emma, who I have known since my junior school days, for a jaunt visiting some of the highlights of Barden Moor, one of my favourite corners of the Dales.

First on the itinerary was Crookrise Crag. For some reason on my previous two visits I'd almost entirely missed out the crag itself and made a beeline for the trig point. This time I made a point of heading for the crags fairly early and we were rewarded with some dramatic views over the plantation below.

From Crookrise Crag we headed north, under Hellifield Crag, to cross over the ever picturesque Waterfall Gill before making a detour to the Rylstone Cross. Standing dramatically on an impressive gritstone outcrop it is a favourite spot of mine. Returning to the bridleway we followed it east for three quarters of a mile before taking a wide track south over East Harts Hill.

The sky had been overcast all morning but at this point it began to rain. Forunately we were now quite close to the huge gritstone outcrops of Deer Gallows and we were able to sit amongst the rocks and eat our lunch whilst enjoying a modicum of shelter. The rain didn't last long and so after finishing our lunch we had a climb up on to the higher rocks to enjoy the views south to Embsay Crag and Embsay Reservoir.

Having told Emma that trainers would be suitable for this walk the path had been quite moist in places. If that wasn't bad enough I then managed to lead us both into an area of juicy bogs whilst trying to relocate the main path from Deerstones. Poor Emma's trainers got rather wet and I felt quite guilty.

I got my comeuppence shortly afterward when, leaping over a boggy stream, my trousers split from crotch to knee. Emma was quite polite about the whole thing (she didn't laugh too much) and kindly gave me the privacy to make myself decent. Fortunately I was able to cover up the revealing split with a pair of waterproof trousers which, rather fortuitously, I was carrying in my rucksack.

This was a fine little walk and it was nice to revisit some places I'd not been to for a long time and, at the same time, share them with someone else. I was also very impressed with the rocks of Deer Gallows which I'd not been to before and will no doubt visit again some day.

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