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Yorkshire Dales Walks

The Strid

The Strid

Date: 3rd May 2008
Distance: 4.6 miles
Ascent: 511 feet
Time:2 hours 40 minutes
With: Lisa and Rhiannon
Start Grid Ref: SE077552

Walk Summary:
A pleasant walk along the River Wharfe as far as Barden Bridge before returning via the dramatic Strid.

Route Summary: Cavendish Pavillion - Poshforth Bridge - Barden Bridge - The Strid - Cavendish Pavillion


1. With Rhiannon on a bridge over Posforth Gill

2. Bluebells

3. Looking down to The Strid

4. Mallard

5. The Strid

6. Standing by the Strid

7. River Wharfe

Walk Detail: This was the first time we had taken Rhiannon for a walk into the Yorkshire Dales. It was also a much needed distraction after a fairly bad day at the office the previous day - while it did not take my mind off it completely it still helped to relax somewhat.

I love the Wharfe as a river and there are many fine sections. This is a particularly good one with first the high path among the trees giving a dramatic view down to the Strid before a section of meadows before Barden Bridge. We stopped here and had lunch and Rhiannon got very excited about the ducks that came scrounging.

The return was via The Strid which is where the river is forced into a deep rocky gorge just two metres wide. It is an impressive scene though it is worth keeping in mind that a number of people have lost their lives here unsuccessfully trying to leap across only to get sucked down by the fast flowing currents into the watery caves beneath the surface.

Another highlight of the walk was the profusion of bluebells, my favourite springtime flower. This walk was a timely reminder that there are many good things to see in the Dales on foot without necessarily having to climb a hill as well.

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