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Yorkshire Dales Walks

Baugh Fell

Swere Gill

Date: 4th June 2005
Distance: 11.6 miles
Ascent: 1927 feet
Time: 5 hours 45 mins
With: Matt and Jo
Start Grid Ref: SD788917

Walk Summary:
A very wet walk visiting the two tops of Baugh Fell via Grisedale and Rawthey Gill.

Route Summary: Garsdale Station - Blake Mire - Moor Rigg - Rawthey Gill Foot - Rawthey Gill - West Baugh Fell Tarn - Knoutberry Haw - Baugh Fell (Tarn Rigg Hill) - East Baugh Fell - Clouch Cottage - Garsdale Station


1. Matt and Jo ready to set off from Garsdale Station

Matt and Jo ready to set off from Garsdale Station

2. A flowery meadow in Grisedale

A flowery meadow in Grisedale

3. Grisedale Beck

Grisedale Beck

4. Jo crossing Haskhaw Gill

Jo crossing Haskhaw Gill

5. The attractive Swere Gill

The attractive Swere Gill

6. Baugh Fell and the upper reaches of Rawthey Gill

Baugh Fell and the upper reaches of Rawthey Gill

7. Standing by West Baugh Fell Tarn

Standing by West Baugh Fell Tarn

8. Looking very soggy by the trig point on Knoutberry Haw

Looking very soggy by the trig point on Knoutberry Haw

Walk Detail: We started this walk at Garsdale Station on what was a truly wet and miserable morning. Straight away we donned full waterproofs and headed into Grisedale.

I’d long wanted to see this valley but the weather was so poor we actually saw very little, unfortunately this included Clough Force which we intended to view on the way back but events conspired against us. The rain stopped when we reached the junction of Rawthey Gill and Haskhaw Gill but by this time Jo had begun to feel some pain in her knee. In hindsight we should have turned back but instead we began our ascent via Rawthey Gill.

Taking advantage of the driest spell of the day this proved to be a very enjoyable experience if a little challenging as all the gills were in full flow. We ate lunch at the impressive junction of Rawthey Gill and Swere Gill that also featured a number of delightful waterfalls. We had to detour up Swere Gill a bit before finally crossing over to the north side of Rawthey Gill. From there we climbed up to West Baugh Fell Tarn.

Unfortunately the weather closed in on us again at this point and for most of the rest of the walk we suffered heavy bursts of rain and very little visibility. By the time we reached the trig point on Knoutberry Haw we were all very wet. I risked the camera to take a couple of photos before heading off to the slightly higher second top of Tarn Rigg Hill.

This latter top proved to be a massive anti-climax. The weather was terrible and there did not even seem to be any summit marker. Due to the weather we decided it was not worth trying to find the numerous East Baugh Fell tarns so we began to head back. It soon became clear though that Jo was really struggling with her knee and was in a great deal of pain.

In order to lessen her ordeal I volunteered to go on ahead and collect the car and meet them at the road on Riggs thus lessening the walking distance for her by at least a mile. I moved quickly and I surprised even myself with how I managed the terrain without hurting my own knee. The one obstacle I encountered was Ceaseat Beck which proved to quite wide with the only way across being a flimsy plank of wood with an animal trap in the middle. With a leap of faith I put one foot on the plank and jumped, I certainly wouldn’t have risked it if I hadn’t felt it to be necessary.

After collecting the car I drove back to the cattle grid at Riggs to find that they were not there. After waiting about 20 minutes I began to get quite worried so I set off to look for them and was relieved to find them not too far away.

I think Jo had hurt her tensor fascia latae, an injury that both myself and probably also Matt had already experienced. When she first began to get some pain we should have gone back but we pushed on and it only got worse - as a result Jo didn't go walking again for two months.

Due to Jo's injury and the awful weather this definitely goes down as one of my worst walks. This is a shame as I think in the right weather Baugh Fell has a lot to offer.

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