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Yorkshire Dales Walks

Strid Wood

The Strid

Date: 31st March 2013
Distance: 2.9 miles
Ascent: Negligible
Time: 2 hours 15 mins
With: Too many to list
Start Grid Ref: SE077552

Walk Summary:
A family walk in the Strid Woods as part of an organised Easter Egg hunt.

Route Summary: A simple route from the Cavendish Pavillion up the west bank of the Wharfe to the Strid and back again.


1. The bridge across the Wharfe at the Cavendish Pavillion

The bridge across the Wharfe at the Cavendish Pavillion

2. The River Wharfe

The River Wharfe

3. Rhiannon taking point on the Easter Egg hunt

Rhiannon taking point on the Easter Egg hunt

4. A wintry Strid Woods

A wintry Strid Woods

5. Another view of the Wharfe

Another view of the Wharfe

6. The Strid

The Strid

7. Group shot

Group shot

Walk Detail: This was a large family walk as part of an Easter Egg hunt event they were holding at Bolton Abbey. In total there were five children and six adults in our group. The kids absolutely loved it, though it was hard to keep record of how many we saw with the constant shouts of, 'Egg!', 'Chick!' and 'Letter!'

The route itself was a simple walk along the riverside from the large car park near the Cavendish Pavillion to the Strid and back again. The Easter Egg hunt itself finished just short of the Strid but we continued on a short way along the path so that everybody could see it - from a safe distance!

Personally, I find the Strid fascinating and sinister in equal measure. It is the spot where the previously wide river squeezes through a gap just a few feet across but many more feet deep. It is said that no one who has gone into the river at this spot have survived as the strong currents and whirlpools under the surface are lethal. Even when taking a photo I was still careful to stand a good few feet away from the edge at that point.

It would be easy to extend the walk beyond the Strid and return back along the other bank but today was about the children having a fun day out and that is exactly what we all had.

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