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Nidderdale & Washburn - Summits

Brimham Moor

Brimham Rocks

Although of only modest height Brimham Moor is home to the famous Brimham Rocks, one of the finest gritstone features in the Pennines.

Height (m) 301
Height (ft) 987
Grid Ref: SE206650
Classification: None
Trig Point: Yes
No. of Visits 1, 2, 3

Brimham Moor Gallery: Click on the photos below to enlarge.

Brimham Rocks
Silhouette of one of the rocks on Brimham Moor
Lisa and Rhiannon on the Brimham Moor trig point
Brimham Rocks
The view of Nidderdale from Brimham Rocks

More about Brimham Moor: Heading up Nidderdale from the village of Ripley towards the town of Pateley Bridge the first substantial swathe of moorland encounterd on the eastern side of the valley is Brimham Moor. Despite not quite attaining 1000ft (305m) in height the top of Brimham Moor provides quite a substantial view especially to the south and south east. In clear conditions a number of man made objects can be seen including the 'golf balls' of Menwith Hill, Ferrybridge Power Station and even York Minster.

Despite its merits as a viewpoint there is one feature that makes Brimham Moor one of the most popular and fascinating places in North Yorkshire - Brimham Rocks. Brimham Rocks are a staggering collection of gritstone rocks that have been weathered into all manner of fantastical shapes over time. It is a weird and wonderful landscape and in terms of gritstone scenery rivals anything on offer in the Pennines, including the Peak District.

Many of these rocks have been given names over time including Idol Rock, The Sphinx, The Camel, The Turtle etc. There are so many rocks that to be honest I can never remember which one is which. Situated near the top of the moor is Brimham House, once the home of the moor keeper it is now a shop and information point. Situated above and behind the building is a trig point sat on one of the more modest boulders. Such are the pleasures to be found amongst the larger rock formations that for a long time I was unaware the trig point's existence.

While extended walks to Brimham Moor can be started from places such as Pateley Bridge in truth it is best to use one of the large car parks nearby and spend the day exploring the rocks rather than wasting time getting to them. Brimham Rocks is hugely popular, particularly with families and rock climbers, so it is never going to be a location for those seeking quiet solitude. Despite this it is still fairly easy to find somewhere to yourself amongst the colorful mixture of rock, heather, bracken and bilberry.

Even though I have only logged a few visits on this website I have, in truth, been to Brimham Rocks countless number of times starting from when I was a young child. I particularly remember going there as a young boy with my parents and brothers to pick bilberries in August and September. The resulting delicious home-made bilberry pies were a staple dessert of my childhood. Today I still get as much pleasure scrambling around the rocks as I did 30 years ago. It was a particular joy when I recently took my young daughter there for the first time. Even though she was only two and half at the time she still thoroughly enjoyed herself especially as there was snow on the ground. Even six months later she still talks about 'The Rocks'.

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